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Live at the Gloucester Blues Festival


The Blues Anoraks, Gloucester Blues Duo, were formed following a number of successful blues jamming sessions in 2002. These were held at a number of pubs and clubs across Gloucester. The sound of the Blues Anoraks is based on the live interaction between the full on, blues harp and vocal sound of  Mr Bill Pullin, and the syncopated,'chugging guitar riffs' and supporting vocals of ( Dr ) Dave Camp including the Dr's lead vocals on a number of high energy boogies. There are always plenty of harp solos and the sound is totally live.

Since 2002 The Blues Anoraks have played many  gigs around the Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Evesham pub circuits, having often performed at the Upton and Gloucester Blues Festivals. As the name suggests, The Blues Anoraks love to perform many of the excellent, but more obscure Blues classics such as, 'Lemon Squeezing Daddy' and 'Sell My Monkey' which have incidentally become two of the main crowd pleasers, together with some better known classics such as 'Stormy Monday' and the 'Crawling Kingsnake', together with some original and often topical material.

The Blues Anoraks are committed to the performance of live music and have built up a vast repertoire of  songs which would enable them to play all night long ( for the right  fee ). Encore material is never a problem and in the words of  William Shatner,' always time to do one more.'


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