Blues Harmonica - Blues Harp

Blues harmonica or blues harp is a style of playing harmonica which is the most powerful and expressive of any harmonica style, in both amplified and acoustic forms. Blues harp is ideal for conveying raw emotions when soloing in a band or duo context.  

Blues harp players, are able to produce this sound using a standard ten hole diatonic harmonica via a number of techniques, most notably bending notes.  Other techniques include: 'tonguing' 'slurrs', 'wha wha' and the one that everybody knows and loves, 'the train sounds'.

" When I first heard that harp sound aged 17, it was played by James Cotton on a Muddy Walter's Album ' Hard Again.' I was just amazed by the sounds that were produced throughout the whole album. It was a raucous, loud and very powerful sound that totally typified the raw, Chicago Blues of Muddy Walters. I would recommend to anybody that wants to hear raw, blues harp at it's best, to listen to this album " - Dr Dave


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